Veit Universal Finisher 8319 Electro Commercial Laundry Press Iron

This universal finisher is the preferred equipment for small to medium-sized laundries. Spin-dry shirts, blouses, smocks or chefs’ coats are finished quickly without creases by the high-performance, low-noise hot-air fan.


Manufacturing Date: 05/19
Steam Consumption: 35kg/h
Working Air Pressure: 6 bar
Steam Operating Pressure: 6.5 bar
Air Consumption: 3 l/min
Connected Load: 3 x 400/50 – 60/2.6 Volt/Hz/kW
Productivity: Approximately 35 pieces/hour

Height: 1720mm
Width: 2220mm / 890mm
Depth: 1470mm
Weight: 195kg

Electrolux Flatwork Rotary Ironer IC43316 Industrial Cylinder Iron Press

This listing is for an Electrolux Flatwork Roller Ironer (IC43316). It is a cylinder type ironer, with a 330mm diameter. The Electrolux IC43316 commercial ironer with its 325cm diameter roller can iron and dry flatwork laundry straight from your high spin commercial washing machine and is capable of evaporating over 19 litres of water per hour. Comes with Operating handbook.

Year of Make: 2019
Max Water evaporation: 19.5 l/h
Cylinder diameter: 325mm
Cylinder length: 1650mm
Ironing speed: 0.5 – 5.5m/min
Heating – Electricity: 18kW / Gas: 68 240 (20) Btu/h (kW)

Height: 1145mm £2750
Width: 2090mm
Weight: 300kg


Hawo HP 630 K Hygienic Wrapping Machine

Machine for the packaging of hanging clothes and linen for laundries, dry cleaners and the fashion industry.

The length of the film can be precisely tailored to the packaged garment. Hence packaging that is too short or too long is a thing of the past. Air can circulate easily within the packaging.


• No heating time, ready for immediate use.
• No additional cutting process necessary (integrated cutting wire seals and cuts at the same time).
• Infinitely variable sealing time interval, acoustic sealing time indicator (can be switched off).
• Especially suitable for polymeric materials as well as compostable and biodegradable materials such as ORGANIXtex.